Unholy Magic – Nefastonomicon

  • Book usable by the following Classes:
    • Cast Bonus: Necromancer, Deathknight
    • Semi Cast Bonus: Powerplayer
NameCircleDescriptionPower WordsSkillManaReagents
Death Wall1A haunting wail that causes people around you to fail their spells by dealing a small amount of damage.Letum LamentorNightshade
Commune with Living2Allows ghosts words to be translated and printed above them so living players can see.Lamina OrareGarlic
Call the Dead3Summons a undead creature for your control.Accio ManesMandrake Root
Necrolysis4A spell that heals Undead, Necromancers and Deathknights but deals damage to everyone else.Mortuus CorpusBlack Pearl
Fire Sense5Creates a fire stream where hidden entity’s are from a radius of the caster for a duration.Aduro ResipiscoBlack Pearl
Daemon Bone
Transfer Curse6Transfers any negative affect from yourself to the target.Delego VomicaBlood Moss
Sulphurous Ash
Fear Ritual7Create a pentagram which if walked on will paralyze them.Consternatio RitusNightshade
Spiders Silk Volcanic Ash
Impaling Bones8Propels magically created skulls towards the target dealing unholy damage.Fistuca OssisMandrake Root
Bones Brimstone
Death Pact9Targeted Undead creature will stop attacking.Neco PactumBlood Moss
Black Pearl
Executioners Cap
Demonic Skull9Spell deals fire and unholy damage to target. Does not affect Daemon types.Malus PilleolusDaemon Bone
Create Pagan Reagent10Creates a random pagan reagent.Creo Malus SaturaBlack Pearl
Blood Moss
Mandrake Root Nightshade
Greater Necrolysis10A spell that heals more damage to Undead, Necromancers and Deathknights and deals more damage to everyone else.Maiusculus Mortuus CorpusBlack Pearl
Daemon Bone
Pig Iron
Summon Legion11Summons a legion of undead for the caster to control.Accio LegiunculaDaemon Bone
Worms Heart
Lava Stream11Creates a lava river at the target dealing fire damage to target.Fusilis Pruna AmnisSulphurous Ash
Volcanic Ash
Fertile Dirt
Apocalypse12Ultimate: Deals unholy damage to everyone in the area.Terminus CatoniumDaemon Bone
Volcanic Ash
Worms Heart
Gate to Hell13Ultimate: Creates a gate to hell. Time limit hunting ground.Porta des HellDaemon Bone
Fertile Dirt
Pig Iron
Vial of Blood

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