Tome of Arcane Secrets (Mage Book)

Table of Contents

Details #

When Tome is opened:

This tome is difficult to decipher for it is written in an arcane language. Fortunately, it is strewn with diagrams and you are able to glean some information from it.

It seems to be a set of instructions for creating a Scroll of Arcane Power. You are unable to fathom the complex procedures, but they appear to involve combining certain rare ingredients. Some procedures involve Alchemy and some involve Inscription.

Items #

You compile a list of the base ingredients:

Tome DescriptionHarvested From (NPC)Harvested Item Name
The Blackened Heart of a Fallen PaladinFallen Paladin’s Second form Fallen Paladin GhostFallen Paladin’s Heart
The Foul Brain of a Daemon of DeathDaemon of DeathDaemon of Death’s Brain
The Charred Tooth of a Flaming WyrmFlaming WyrmFlaming Wyrm’s Tooth
An Empty Page from a Hellborne TomeGreater Evil Codex DamnorumBlank Codex Page
A Venom Sac from a Spider GoddessLolthVenom Sac from Lolth
The Radiant Core of a Rainbow SpiritRainbow WispRainbow Wisp’s Soul Gem
The Silken Threads from an Arachnid QueenArachnid QueenArachnid Queen’s Web
The Blood of a Vampire LordVampire LordVampire Lord’s Blood
Somehow, you must match each ingredient to another ingredient to create 4 new components:
Once again, these components are combined to form another 2 components, once these components are created, you can finally make the Scroll of Arcane Power!

Daemon of Death's Brain (Harvested from a Daemon of Death) & Flaming Wyrm's Tooth (Harvested from a Flaming Wrym):  
Success = The acidic brain fluids hollow out the wyrm's tooth!
Created = Infernal Dragontooth

Fallen Paladin's Heart (Harvested from the Fallen Paladin Ghost) & Rainbow Wisp's Soul Gem (Harvested from a Rainbow Wisp)
Success = The soul gem purifies the heart of the fallen paladin!
Created = Purified Paladin's Heart

Blank Codex Page (Harvested from Greater Evil Codex Damnorum) & Arachnid Queen's Web (Harvested from a Arachnid Queen)
Success = The webs form spidery letters on the codex page!
Created = Enchanted Codex Scroll

Venom Sac from Lolth (Harvested from Lolth) & Vampire Lord's Blood (Harvested from a Vampire Lord)
Success = The blood and venom coalesce into a steaming brew!
Created = Envenomed Vampire Blood

Infernal Dragontooth & Envenomed Vampire Blood
Success = You fill the hollowed tooth with the venomous blood!
Created = Infernal Dragontooth Pen

Purified Paladin's Heart & Blank Codex Page
Success = The blood from the redeemed paladin's heart sanctifies the scroll!
Created = Sanctified Codex Scroll

Infernal Dragontooth & Sanctified Codex Scroll
Success = You scribble some notes into your tome
Created = Scroll of Arcane Power

When using a Scroll of Arcane Power (Note: You must be a Classed Mage):
Success = You feel arcane power coursing through your veins!
Failure = You have no idea how to use the scroll

When Successful you will get 50 points added to your .........

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