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skill gain #

  • Here are some very rough estimates on what to make in order to raise your skill at the various levels. They are based on my experience, and may not be the absolute fastest path.
  • At 0 make Springs, Gears, and Hinge.
  • At 10 make Plate.
  • At 20 make Axle and Tinker Tools.
  • At 30 make Empty Bottle , Barrel Hoops or Skinning Knife.
  • At 40 make Hatchet or Draw Knife.
  • At 45 make Shovel.
  • At 55 make Lock picks.
  • At 60 make Barrel Tap.
  • At 65 make Gold Key.
  • At 70 make Goblets.
  • At 80 make Blank Scrolls.
  • At 95 make Pine tree to Oak Blank Scrolls.
  • At 100 make Purple Passion to Hard Ranger Blank Scrolls.
  • At 105 make Jade to Stone Wood Scrolls.
  • At 110 make Sun to Swamp Blank Scrolls.
  • At 115 make Stardust to Storm teal Blank Scrolls.
  • At 120 make Emerald Blank Scrolls.
  • At 125 make Blood Blank Scrolls.
  • Notes and Tips
  • In general, make a lot of the items that require lesser resources.
  • Use items to help with your success rate and save cloths, but you’ll need at least 15 points item booster before you’ll see any difference. Stop using the items when your skill reach 90 because they don’t make much difference after that.
  • If you are a specialized crafter, move up to the next item for every level you are at. For example, if you are spec level 2 with 75 skill, you can make blank scrolls instead of goblets. But if your are level 3, you’ll still make blank scrolls because you can’t make pine tree blank scrolls yet.

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