ZHA5 Changes

This is a little known gem of a text file (ZHA5 Changes.txt) that was packaged in the POL directory of the ZHA5 release. It as the name suggests breaks down all the major changes to the release.

At the time there was a large amount of buzz and anticipation over this new version of Zulu Hotel Australia.

Items #

  • New Plate GM Armour – Each is unique
  • New GM Weapons – No more useless weapons
  • Halberds and Bardiches are now 2 space weapons with slightly less base damage
  • New Pentagram system – Hand in all 9 pents to gain powerful elemental weapons
  • Epic items (Quest related) – can be gained on a one-time basis during epic quests, which grant added protection and regeneration
  • Legendary Blacksmith Hammer can be gained in loot – used by Crafters for a chance to create items better than exceptional and repair items flawlessly
  • Dragon Knowledge Scrolls (See Quests) add 50% to skill gain over 3 hours, no effect at 120 skill

Classes #

Thief #

  • Thieves have now been completely revamped:
  • Thieves now have the choice to become a combat class, by taking a non-class combat skill, combat bonuses to both melee weapons and ranged weapons are included
  • Thieves now have a boost in their chance to hit, based on their weapon skill and dexterity
  • Thieves have evasion, based on thief level and dexterity.
  • Thieves have gained a backstab bonus to attack (in PvP), while directly behind an opponent
  • Thieves have gained an ambush attack, triggered coming out of stealth
  • Thieves now regenerate health when they trigger stealth to rest

Ranger #

  • Rangers no longer rival warriors in healing ability, and take longer to heal

Warrior #

  • Take 5% less damage penalty when taking spell damage from a classed mage

Mage #

  • Take 10% less penalty when receiving physical damage

Crafter #

  • Can now craft Legendary Items (using Legendary Blacksmith Hammer)

Bards #

  • May get love one day

Loot #

  • Pentagram pieces are now exponentially rarer as they go from Pent 1 to Pent 9 (to account for the improvements in rewards and mystic forging)
  • Earth and Necro books are now more rare
  • GM Armour and GM Weapons are now more rare
  • Permanent poison immunity, magic immunity/reflection items are now more rare
  • Decreased loot ‘strength’ across the board

Quests #

New Character Creation #

  • Players now start in Wind at a quest stone

Noobie Quest 1 – Revenge of the Brigands (Level 1) #

  • Explore the area and kill Brigands and other monsters to gain good starter rewards (Useful for the next Quest)

Noobie Quest 2 – Humble Beginnings (Level 1) #

  • Fight your way through the noobie dungeon, using whatever useful rewards you can gather in order to escape to Britain. Good quest to do with a friend as most of the quest points are gained by venturing further.

Bard Noobie Quest – The Music Begins (Level 1) #

  • Travel the world to gather inspiration for your music. Visit each of the shrines throughout the world of Britannia. Additionally seek out each of the notable bards of the world by visiting them in Britain, Minoc and Vesper (Hint: Check Traveler NPC for quick access to some locations).

Crafter Noobie Quest – Armour for the Recruits (Level 1) #

  • Craft Armour for the King’s Recruits as your first step in getting your name into the industry of crafting

Beginner Quest 1 – Undead Bone Collection (Level 2) #

  • Kill monsters at Britain graveyard and hand in their bone armour to receive great rewards to get you on your way in the dangerous world of Britainnia.

Beginner Quest 2 – Dragon Slayin’ (Level 2) #

  • Slay the Dragons and their followers at Destard to gain scrolls infused with their knowledge (Dragon Knowledge Scrolls – 150% skill gain item for 3 hours – no effect for skills 120 or higher).

Advanced Quest 1 – Defilers of the Death (Level 3) #

  • A demonic power has taken over the GM Graveyard. Slay the invaders for unique rewards (Note: This quest is the ONLY way to obtain Free Action clothing).

Advanced Quest 2 – Terathan Keep (Level 3) #

  • Terathans and Ophidians are becoming a great threat, but there is something underneath that is forcing them to the surface. Unique class based rewards (PPs can use all of the rewards).

Epic Crafter Quest – Lexicon of Mystic Forging (Level 5) #

  • Prove your mastery as a crafter to obtain the Lexicon of Mystic Forging.

Epic Quests 1 – Warrior/Mage/Ranger/Thief (Level 4) #

  • Obtain and hand in 50 of the prescribed items to be rewarded with your Epic Armour. Epic Armour grants added protection and regeneration abilities. These quests are required to be completed in order to finish Epic Quests 2.

Epic Quests 2 – Shadow Dungeon (Level 4) #

  • It is time to venture into the Shadow dungeon below Terathan Keep. Investigate the dungeon and unmask the evil that is residing inside.


  • Fame based skill gain system, using your gained fame to gain skills faster (used up to 130 skill).
  • Stealth now regenerates health for classed thieves.
  • Auto builder mark for exceptional and legendary crafted items.
  • Archery, not tactics, based Archery system (mostly for rangers).

Misc #

Upgraded ‘void’ weapons
Added a PvP Arena (you bring no personal items, but build a set of equipment) upto 5v5 teams.
Whole world is completely spawned, unlikely to be added to.
When you enter towns, a notification will tell you if there are guards there, otherwise there are no guards.
Anti Guard-spammer system
Added Shadow hides
Added some new monsters


  • Guild’s to siege and control Blackthorne’s Castle
  • Final Epic Quest rewards

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