Mystic Forging

Mystic Forging is a Zulu Hotel Australia package written by Archaean. This package can be used to enhance weapons and breastplates. This is a short guide on how to enhance weapons using Mystic Forging.

Preparation #

  • Before you can start Mystic Forging, you will need to have the following items;
    • A Lexicon of Mystic Forging
    • 20 Radiant Diamond Nimbus (un-smelted)
    • 20 Ebon Twilight Sapphire
    • 20 Dark Sable Ruby
    • One of each elemental weapon and extra elemental weapons
    • The ability to become a level 5 crafter able to reach 150 tinkering, 150 Blacksmithing and 150 mining without the use of a tool or weapon (ie have your hands free)

Mining #

  • By now your keen to start magically enhancing your items. To begin with, equip your Crafter so he is level 5 and has 150 tinkering.
  • Now use your Lexicon and select the option to make the enchanted pick axe. If successful you will create the pick-axe, if you fail you will lose some of the resources required to make it (this process uses Radiant Diamond Nimbus, Ebon Twilight Sapphire and Dark Sable Ruby).
  • Now you will need to search dungeons in order to find out the location of The Mystic Crystal (which will be recognizable if you find it). Once found you will need to become level 5 crafter with 150 mining and start mining the crystal with your recently created pick-axe. Be warned you will need an escort whilst doing this, as dungeons are not nice places and the crystal will often defend itself.
  • Mine until you have enough crystals for creating the hammer as well as magically enhancing items (150 crystals for the hammer and 30 per item to be enhanced).

Enhancing your item #

  • Equip your crafter with items for level 5 and 150 tinkering.
  • Grab one of each elemental weapon and use your Lexicon. Select the “Create enchanted anvil” option. If successful you will make a Mystic Anvil, if you fail some required parts will be destroyed.
  • Note: the following steps require the use of an Enchanted Anvil
  • Select the option in your lexicon to create the enchanted hammer. Once successful equip your crafter as level 5 with 150 blacksmithy and arms lore.
  • Use the enchanted hammer and select an elemental weapon to absorb (different weapons have different enhancing properties). If successful your hammer will become enchanted. Now depending on the enchantment you will need to select either a weapon or a breastplate after using the enchanted hammer.

If successful you will be told what your enchantments have done, if you fail you will lose your item and possibly the hammer as well.

Happy Mystic Forging 🙂

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