Level 6 Maps

Details #

Implemented custom Package to ZHA

Once you open the map at the correct location you will receive the following ‘You have activated the map, summoning forth the tomb that was trapped within! Kill the tombs guardians within 10 minutes to obtain their treasure’

The Level 6 Map system runs by the following process

  • User activates the map at the correct location
  • A time countdown begins (10min)
  • Each map has a specific list of NPC’s that are generated in a particular order
  • All NPC’s have the following attributes:
    • Untamable
    • No guard kill
    • No loot
    • No cut
    • Necro protection +8
  • With all NPC’s killed a ‘Chief’ is spawned, this is classed as a ‘Final Boss’
  • Once the Chief is killed within the allotted 10min a Treasure Chest appears
  • The Loot depends on the LVL6 Map activated
  • You have 3 minutes to take your winnings
  • Note: Only one instance of the map is allowed

Available Maps #

Barnabus’s Keep #

LocationX: 956
Y: 1763
Z: 35
Map Color1181
Loot Group200
Creature 01Dark Knight
Creature 02Mage Menacer
Creature 03Greater Evil Codex Damnorum
Creature 04Balron Spawn
Creature 05Balron Spawn
Creature 06Balron Spawn
Creature 07Balron Spawn
Creature 08Balron Spawn
Creature 09Balron Spawn
Creature 10Balron Lord
ChiefDark Mage

Haunted Fort #

LocationX: 1040
Y: 1081
Z: 20
Map Color1176
Loot Group200
Creature 01Banshee
Creature 02Dark Knight Mounted
Creature 03Arch Vampire
ChiefPaladin Ghost

A Corrupted Earth Node #

LocationX: 1507
Y: 689
Z: 6
Map Color1173
Loot Group200
Creature 01Earth Quaker
Creature 02Behemoth
Creature 03Behemoth Lord
ChiefBehemoth Lord

Mindflayer Outpost #

LocationX: 1056
Y: 3136
Z: 0
Map Color1168
Loot Group200
Creature 01Mind Flayer
Creature 02Juju Zombie
ChiefMind Flayer

The Garden of Bahamut #

LocationX: 4646
Y: 3655
Z: 100
Map Color1169
Loot Group200
Creature 01Planar Wyrm
Creature 02Great Wyrm
Creature 03Golden Dragon
Creature 04Planar Wyrm
ChiefWyrm King

Horrors of the Slime Pit #

LocationX: 1174
Y: 2896
Z: 0
Map Color573
Loot Group200
Creature 01Poison Dragon
Creature 02Corrosive Slime
Creature 03Black Wisp
Creature 04Black Slime
Creature 05Darkling Slime
Creature 06Corrosive Slime
Creature 07Corrosive Slime
Creature 08Poison Elemental
ChiefCorrosive Slime

The King of Nujelm #

LocationX: 3683
Y: 1279
Z: 25
Map Color1170
Loot Group200
Creature 01Tainted Ranger
Creature 02Tainted Warrior
Creature 03Tainted Mage
Creature 04Dark Knight Mounted
Creature 05Dark Knight Mounted
Creature 06Dark Knight Mounted
Creature 07Dark Knight Mounted
Creature 08Dark Knight
Creature 09Dark Knight
ChiefKing of Nujelm

An Essence of Limbo #

LocationX: 273
Y: 771
Z: 20
Map Color1176
Loot Group200
Creature 01Dark Mage
Creature 02Greater Beholder
Creature 03Balron Spawn
Creature 04Banshee
Creature 05Arch Vampire
Creature 06Juju Zombie
Creature 07Juju Zombie
Creature 08Dark Knight
Creature 09Juju Zombie
Creature 10Arch Vampire
Creature 11Shadow Lord
ChiefDaemon of Death

Portal to Hell #

LocationX: 4595
Y: 3575
Z: 75
Map Color34
Loot Group200
Creature 01Balron Lord
Creature 02Balron
Creature 03Balron Spawn
Creature 04Mindflayer
Creature 05Daemon of Death
Creature 06Nightmare
ChiefDaemon of Death

Nexus of Escaped Beings #

LocationX: 4216
Y: 556
Z: 36
Map Color1152
Loot Group200
Creature 01Balron Lord
Creature 02Balron Spawn
Creature 03Daemon
Creature 04Nightmare
Creature 05Greater Codex Damnorum
Creature 06Necromancer
Creature 07Dark Mage
Creature 08Greater Beholder
Creature 09Mind Flayer
Creature 10Water Elemental Lord
ChiefGreater Codex Damnorum

Gateway to the Secret Society #

LocationX: 2715
Y: 2113
Z: 0
Map Color1162
Loot Group200
Creature 01Arch Vampire
Creature 02Balron Spawn
Creature 03Mind Flayer
Creature 04Greater Beholder
ChiefBalron Lord

Den of Bloodied Fist Clan #

LocationX: 1152
Y: 1886
Z: 0
Map Color253
Loot Group200
Creature 01Orc King
Creature 02Balron Lord
Creature 03Orc Defender
Creature 04Balron Lord
Creature 05Orc King
Creature 06Orc Elite
Creature 07Orc Archer
Creature 08Orc Marksman
Creature 09Orc Lord
Creature 10Orc Captain
Creature 11Snow Orc 3
Creature 12Snow Orc Archer
Creature 13Snow Orc 2
Creature 14Snow Orc Archer
Creature 15Snow Orc Lord
Creature 16Snow Orc Archer
Creature 17Orc Defender
Creature 18Orc Cleric
Creature 19Orc King
Creature 20Balron Lord
ChiefFallen Paladin

Necromancers Conjured Army #

LocationX: 4311
Y: 996
Z: 0
Map Color18
Loot Group200
Creature 01Balron Lord
Creature 02Bewitched Bardiche
Creature 03Bewitched Sword
Creature 04Bewitched Armor
Creature 05Bewitched Gauntlets
Creature 06Bewitched Warhammer
Creature 07Juju Zombie
Creature 08Behemoth
Creature 09Banshee
Creature 10Dark Mage
Creature 11Arch Vampire
ChiefDark Mage

The Summoning of Orcus #

LocationX: 2494
Y: 3579
Z: 5
Map Color38
Loot Group200
Creature 01Undead Drake
Creature 02Draco Liche
Creature 03Skeletal Warrior
Creature 04Balron Lord
Creature 05Liche
Creature 06Spectre
Creature 07Balron Lord
Creature 08Balron Lord
Creature 09Balron Lord
Creature 10Ghost
Creature 11Skeleton Archer
Creature 12Bone Knight
Creature 13Shade
Creature 14Bone Mage
Creature 15Flaming Skeleton
Creature 16Ice Skeleton
Creature 17Blood Liche
Creature 18Undead Flayer
Creature 19Liche Lord
Creature 20Skeletal Assassin
Creature 21Bone Warlock
Creature 22Dead Lizard
Creature 23Mummy
Creature 24Vampire 1
Creature 25Vampire 2
Creature 26Dracula
Creature 27Frankenstein
Creature 28Undead Pirate
Creature 29Undead Pirate
Creature 30Revenant
Creature 31Eviscerated Carcass
Creature 32Wraith
ChiefBalron Lord

The Edge of Darkness #

LocationX: 5767
Y: 2611
Z: 68
Map Color1157
Loot Group200
Creature 01Balron
Creature 02Shadow Warrior
Creature 03Lesser Shadow
Creature 04Shadow Lord
Creature 05Shadow Lord 2
Creature 06Spectre
Creature 07Balron Lord
Creature 08Greater Shadow
Creature 09Shadow Hunter
Creature 10Balron Spawn
Creature 11Shade
Creature 12Skeletal Assassin
Creature 13Wraith
Creature 14Vampire Bat
Creature 15Dark Mage
Creature 16Black Wisp
Creature 17Umbral Flicker
ChiefMounted Night Walker

Battle of Papua #

LocationX: 5637
Y: 3170
Z: 2
Map Color1209
Loot Group200
Creature 01Terathan Warrior
Creature 02Terathan Avenger
Creature 03Terathan Striker
Creature 04Terathan Champion
Creature 05Terathan Drone
Creature 06Terathan Matriarch
Creature 07Terathan Queen
Creature 08Corrupted Terrathan
Creature 09Ophidian Mage
Creature 10Ophidian Elder
Creature 11Ophidian Queen
Creature 12Ophidian Shaman
Creature 13Ophidian Defender
Creature 14Ophidian Avenger
Creature 15Ophidian Apprentice Mage
Creature 16Ophidian Justicar
Creature 17Ophidian Knight Errant
Creature 18Ophidian Warrior
Creature 19Ophidian Zealot
ChiefOphidian King

Legacys Tale #

LocationX: 7001
Y: 958
Z: 25
Map Color1189
Loot Group200
Creature 01Balron
Creature 02Shadow Warrior
Creature 03Lesser Shadow
Creature 04Shadow Lord
Creature 05Soul Slayer
Creature 06Hell Rat
Creature 07Death Chaser
Creature 08Greater Shadow
Creature 09Wraith
Creature 10Skittering Hopper
Creature 11Balron Spawn
Creature 12Skeletal Warrior
Creature 13Tainted Mage
Creature 14Soloman
Creature 15Dark Mage
Creature 16Frost Wisp
Creature 17Hells Stallion

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