Staff of Magi


magestaff absorb –
stores the power of a scroll in the staff.initially the staff can store 10 charge worth of spells. normal spells are 1 charge each, earth/necro spells are worth 2.

magestaff cannabalise –
steals essence from another staff of the magi, adding +5 charges to its maximum of 40.

magestaff spells –
lists the spells sorted, in order, by the staff, its current charges, max charges, and target option selected.

magestaff target –
set a target that is automatically selected when it casts

magestaff target me –
sets u as auto target

magestaff target attackers –
casts spells in order shown in ‘magestaff spells’on anything that attacks you

magestaff target guild –
sets nearby guild members as auto target

magestaff untarget –
remove current auto-target settings

saying the power words of a spell stored in the staff will also cast it from the staff.

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