Zulu Hotel Australia


Welcome to the my Zulu Hotel Australia Page, this is my second attempt to create a knowledge-base for the Ultima Online shard ‘Zulu Hotel Australia’ or ZHA.

My first being a forum I created when running a ZHA shard in 2015, the forum amassed a nice little collection of my old screen-shots, injection scripts & guides I created. But due to a corrupt mysql database and an old version of vBulletin it was lost.

My aim with this version is to archive all the data I can find regarding ZHA which is mostly my own content I have collected over the years, with this being the case I hope to keep it as accurate as possible.

Like all the players from the early 2000’s life has evolved and with the addition of children, work and a many other things, my time is limited and this knowledge-base will be updated as often as I can.

With that in mind I am always welcoming to anyone with corrections or additional information they can provide.

Zulu Hotel Australia Players causing trouble in Britain

08/10/23 – Starting on Image Gallery
14/09/23 – Added Level 6 Treasure Maps Guide
09/09/23 – Added Injection Scripts ‘Tracking’ & ‘Veterinary’
21/08/23 – Added Injection Scripts L-P
18/08/23 – Added Injection Scripts
13/08/23 – Added Blacksmithy Injection Scripts

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