Psionics – Headband of Mentalism

Table of Contents

Psionic Artforms #

  • Book usable by the following Classes:
    • Cast Bonus: Monk
    • Semi Cast Bonus: Powerplayer
NameCircleDescriptionPower WordsSkillManaReagents
Break Wall1Use your fist as a strong medium to break through summoned wallsKireme KabeN/A
Psychoportation2Use your mind to transport yourself to another locationShinteki UnsouN/A
Iron Shirt3Surrounds the caster with protective psychic energyTetsu ShatsuN/A
Flying Fists4Sends out magical fists as a projection of your hand to deal a small amount of damage to the targetHishou KobushiCitrine
Mind Call5Teleports the user to the location stored on a Recall StoneOmoi KoruN/A
Cleanse Thoughts6Dispels and Bless or Curse placed on the caster, it also cures Poison if your have high enough PsionicsAkiraka ShinenN/A
Detect Brainwaves7Reveals hidden players to the caster if their Intelligence is higher. The further they are from the caster the more Intelligence is required to detectHireki ChinouN/A
Mind Set8Imbue your mind state into a recall rune so you may recall or Mind Call off itOmoi SoroiN/A
Exhaustion9Drains the Stamina out of the Target and keeps it low for a durationShoumouAmethyst
Fists of Fury9Deals damage to everyone in the selected areaKobushi KyouranTourmaline
Mantra10Caster goes into a trance where they gain brute strength at the cost of IntelligenceShingonRuby
Haunting Visions10Damages the target using the difference in Intelligence. If they have more Intelligence than the caster, damage will be reflected onto casterSoukutsu VijonEmerald
Clone11Creates multiple clones of yourself to do your biddingKuronN/A
Reincarnation11When the caster dies, they will be resurrected after a small duration. Duration depends on Class LevelUmarekawariN/A
Hallucination12Ultimate: Everyone in the casters radius Hallucinate and take damageSakkakuStar Sapphire
Astral Haste13Ultimate: Gives the caster a speed boost when unmountedJikoku Auto HitachaDiamond

Additional #

  • Required: Headband of Mentalism must be worn to cast

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